According to your needs and the final intended purpose, your model can be given a surface finish.

We divide our models upon completion and delivery into the following groups:

• without a finish
• with a standard finish - removal of all visible elements from the construction stage and blasting with corundum
• high end finish – as per the standard finish, with an additional lacquering either with or without a VDI 3400 Ref. similar texture, or with a high gloss polishing

To create an optimal finish for the surface of the model, the original models will be prepared as follows.

The models will be lacquered with spray-on filler and polished in a number of stages. When the quality of the surface finish meets all of the requirements, the model will be lacquered with the corresponding lacquer, appropriate in both colour and texture. We are able to produce a wide variety of surface textures such as eroded textures, for example for translucent surfaces like tinted glass, or highly polished surfaces for transparent models or vaporised chrome application.

Surface finish with PA Laser sintered model
Polyamide sintered models have an extremely high level of surface hardness and are hence very difficult to grind and polish. We have specialised in the finishing of these types of models. To make a good surface finish, the model will be alternately lacquered with spray-on filler several times and then ground and polished with differing grain sizes, starting with a rough grain and moving on to a very fine finish.

Vaporised chrome and metallising of molded parts
Components will be coated by using a high vacuum vaporisation system to metallise prototype parts such as reflectors in lights, cover strips and radiator grills.