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  With the Objet PolyJet technology, the latest photopolymer materials are applied by jets in
ultra thin layers (16 µ / high quality and 30 µm / high speed) on to a design platform until
the part is complete.

This process uses 3D/CAD or STL data as its starting point. The CAD data are positioned
on the design platform using special software and cut in the vertical axis in pre-defined layer thicknesses. A bitmap of this layer information is created in each case.

Each photopolymer layer is hardened using UV light immediately after it has been applied,
with a resolution of 600 x 600 DPI. In this way, fully hardened models are created that can be used immediately without having to wait for them to harden off. The carrier material that builds up, which is specially designed for complex shapes, is removed by means of a water jet.
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