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  Welcome to tbko!
  Welcome to tbko - thomas bengel construction + prototypes, based in Meßstetten! In the
world of technical design, turning ideas into reality is a real challenge. Especially in the
fields of engineering, prototype design and mass production, the fierce competition makes
short completion times a priority.

With our many years of experience in product development and our use of rapid prototyping,
we can turn your ideas and products into reality quickly by employing the latest, most
innovative technologies.

Our primary aim is to win our clients over with our quality and punctuality and to provide
them with long-term support for their innovations.
Download our image brochure HERE as PDF.
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  tbko Logo  
  Thomas Bengel Construction + Prototypes  
Hossinger Straße 11
D- 72469 Meßstetten
  Fon: +49 07431 630267
Fax: +49 07431 630268 info@tbko.de
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